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Freestyle Yoga


A freestyle approach to yoga transforms yoga into a living, breathing, authentic yoga, not defined by a rigid form, but by its spacious, fluid, and adaptive nature. Freestyle integrates a variety of perspectives on the body and mind; ancient and modern, cross-cultural, personal, interpersonal, and scientific. Without limits of tradition or culture, our goal is to equip students with a full spectrum of tools for self-regulation, balanced energy, physical functionally, and vibrant health.


Classical yoga movement serves as a springboard into movement guided by the flow of our body’s energies, merging with the creative pulse of nature into more expressive, exploratory, responsive action. We take cues from the intricacies of human anatomy, natural spiraling physical forms, and primary movement patterns to facilitate subtle inner movement, ease, efficiency and intimacy with our biological roots. While conditioning the body with smart and subtle techniques we simultaneously build flexibility of mind for a uniquely engaging and vitalizing yoga experience.


At Slowmotion Somatics, to develop skills for Freestyle Yoga, we follow a three step process which mirrors Patanjali’s Eight Limbed outline of yogic practice and touches progressively subtle aspects of being (Koshas).


Foundations We learn elemental patterns, principals, sequences, postures, and movement cycles.  Cultivating a diverse movement vocabulary, conditioning, purifying, and removing stagnation in the body.


Movement Inside Movement Deepening sensory and energetic awareness of breath, circulation, nerves, inner muscle energy, organs and other tissues. Built on the base of a solid physical conditioning, we move into mental and sensory conditioning.


Release Following the flow of inner energies into healing movement and moving meditation.  Awakening the intelligence of pranic energy, of the living body, and learning to hear its voice.


While learning the later Steps is generally reserved for workshops and retreats, typical public classes focus on the Foundations Step and involve flowing sequences with time taken to focus on technical details, sensory awareness, and sinking more deeply into the poses. Every class begins with simple whole body movement patterns to warm the body and center the mind, followed by instruction around a central theme, building to a period of vigorous asana. A final phase for harmonizing and restoration, sometimes including formal sitting meditation, brings the class to completion. New themes are introduced monthly, allowing students to learn and fully integrate the lessons over time. Generally classes can be challenging, but students are supported to work at an appropriate level with advanced or remedial variations given accordingly.

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